Havermeyer and South 2nd Construction + Stocks

Havermeyer and South 2nd

There have been many articles and reports on the construction halt, but around my Williamsburg neighborhood, I’ve seen continuing work. This one is on Havermeyer and South 2nd. Real estate is fascinating to me now that I’ve become such a greedy bastard. It might also be related to my architecture background, where I enjoy the practicality of architecture to make a buck (the vernacular) versus the architecture of big “A” Architecture.

On a side note, I bought 180 shares of SOL at 5.42 because it dropped enough compared to the price I bought it at other times (this is my “strategy”/god I’m gonna lose money/I love gambling).  I hope it goes up or down today (it’s the early AMs) so I can get more or sell off.  Flatness makes the day unexciting.  I’m gonna post a weekly recap of my stock movements using SnagIt screen shots because I am unadvanced like that.

SOL 2009-08-12Ohs to the Nos or Yay.  We’ll see.