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Hope and Roebling

This construction site is by apartment. I like that it requires a crane to drop red I-beams onto the site. It seems like an L shape building that wraps around a corner building? It might just be two different construction sites next to each other. A lot of the construction around here is reconstruction/gutting but this one looks like it’s being built form scratch. A lot of buildings and no one to live in them. Lower the rent! Take a hit, guy!

So the html play below took me a really long time because I am dumb. Html-wise, it’s really ugly. Every chunk of text change needed a tag. I wanted to mess around with vertical-align and try to control where font was placed. I am such a novice. O god! Chrome and Mozilla render them differently!

Last Monday, I bought 140 shares of SOL at 5.02 and sold them three days later at 5.61 a share, for a gain of 11.75%.